“Things You Need to Know While Buying Your First Fish Tank”

“Things You Need to Know While Buying Your First Fish Tank”

What is a Fish Tank?

Suppose you have a desire to purchase pet Fish. A Tank (artificial place for a living), which provides proper temperature, light, oxygen, a healthy and clean environment, and food to encourage Fish survival is called Fish Tank.

Problem Statement

It is often too complicated for new buyers to purchase an appropriate Fish Tank that is cost-effective and versatile. Such a Fish Tank provides comfort to the fish and the buyer in terms of proper management. However, it is rare because the first fish tank buyer lacks technical knowledge about handling a fish tank. He is not aware of “What impact does an artificial environment of fish tank possess on the life of a Fish?”


Acquire some knowledge from various resources (books, videos, articles, etc.) about accessories required to operate a Fish Tank successfully. Planning is the best way to save time and extra cost. If you are buying your first fish tank, then planning provides a way to avoid economic loss and, ultimately, loss of your pet Fish. The following are the factors that will help you plan and assess your first fish tank.

Factors Affecting The Choice Of First Fish Tank

  • Cost Determination
  • Size and type of fish
  • Material of Tank
  • Tank Opening
  • Size of Tank
  • Selection of suitable location
  • Kits delusion

Cost Determination

First of all, determine the total cost required to purchase a well equipped Fish Tank/ aquarium. Prepare a list of the materials needed to run a fish tank and necessary for fish survival. Do not go for a special package deal, which only makes a fool out of you. The package is a collection of accessories used in the operation of Fish Tank. Most traders sell this package at a cheap rate because of low-quality materials accessories. It is impossible to have all accessories with good quality in a single package deal. You need approximately 150 to 250 USD to buy the whole list of decent materials. The following are the materials you require and are necessary to keep running a fish tank.

  1. Fish Tank
  2. Stand
  3. Hood 
  4. Light
  5. Heater
  6. Filter
  7. Gravel
  8. Decoration
  9. Water treatment
  10. Cleaning supplies
  11. Fish
  12. Food

Go online and note down the costs of each material and then determine the total cost. Compare this cost with your total available budget. If it is less, then wait or collect additional money but if it is more, then go for it.

Size and Type of Fish

Determine which type or kind of fish you want to keep in your Fish Tank.

  • Coldwater Fish: This type of fish enjoys living in cold water, easy to maintain. There is no heater required to maintain the temperature of the water. These types mostly include goldfish, orandas, and loaches, etc.

  • Tropical Fish: This type enjoys living in warm water, and if transported in cold water, they die. A pair of heating coils are needed to maintain water temperature suitable for fish to survive. The size of the heating coil also depends upon the tank’s size. Such types include plecs, discus, betta, etc.

  • Marine Fish: This type is expensive, time-consuming, and primarily used by traders that sell marine fish species. For example, these types include yellow tang, butterfly and tang fish, etc.

  • From the above types, it is clear that different types of fish require different environments to live. It is most important to determine the type of fish you want to purchase before buying a fish tank.

    Material of Tank

    The materials mostly used in the manufacturing of containers for pet fish mainly consists of plastic, glass, or acrylic. If your fish tank requirement (to keep your pet Fish) having a capacity of fewer than 150 gallons, it is better to purchase a glass tank. There are circumstances when the acrylic tank is better when your demand for the tank’s size is more than 150 gallons. Following is the comparison between Glass and Acrylic tank


    Sr. No.






    Yellow with Time
















    Easily Scratched






    The above comparison is straightforward for a new fish tank buyer to go for a glass tank as it is short, cheap, and scratch-resistant. While on the other hand, if you possess a creative mind, then select an acrylic tank molded to whatever your shape you want. Discharge pipes or filters, etc. can be easily adjusted.

    Tank Opening

    Life without oxygen is impossible. Every living thing inhales oxygen and exhales carbon dioxide, which makes survival possible. If you plan to keep several fishes in your tank, it is essential to keep the surface area of water more extensive. Otherwise, the fish may suffocate. Nowadays, many people place algae or plants inside the fish tank. Algae and plants are the most significant contributors to oxygen on planet earth. The only drawback of placing algae or plants inside the fish tank that it makes water looks turbid. It is because of stomatal respiration and frequent movement of fish around leafy areas to inhale oxygen. Fish movement around overgrown areas of plants causes leaves to fall, and as a result, they decay with time, ultimately resulting in turbid water. Such circumstances inside the fish tank demand periodic cleaning. The only solution is to enlarge the tank opening to avoid incorporating plants or algae inside Fish Tank. Somebody can overcome this by purchasing a tank, having an enlarged tank opening. Enlarged tank opening provides sufficient space for fish to inhale oxygen. You can also install an air pump for artificial pumping of air inside a fish tank if you do not want to purchase a fish tank with an enlarged opening.

    Size of Tank

    A large fish tank is easier to manage rather than a small tank. Fish produce waste like poo, pee, and uneaten food waste, which reduces the available amount of oxygen inside the tank and makes the tank look dirty if its size is small. On the other hand, if the tank’s size is large enough, it takes time to become cloudy. If a 3-gallon tank takes one day to become dirty, then a 50 gallon takes 16 days to become dirty and reduces the frequency to make it clean. It is necessary to start with a 20-gallon tank as a new buyer than practicing with small jars, cans, etc

    Selection of Suitable Location

    It is the most crucial point; eventually, it can save you a lot of costs. If you have a Table or an open cabinet to place it high, there is no stand or hood requirement for your fish tank. It is essential for another because once a tank is filled with a lot of water and everything is completely set up, it is too hard to dislocate it or even move it for cleaning purposes or change its water. Also, note down one more thing: the location where you are going to place your tank determines your tank’s size or shape that suits your site.

    Kits Delusion

    Kits are delusional, which means an aquarium kit contains everything required or necessary for a Fish Tank operation. It is a delusion for which new fish tank buyers fall again and again. It includes low quality and cheap equipment like heater, water treatment system, filter, lighting, thermometer, water conditioner, etc.

    The size of these materials may or may not best fit your tank. In that case, if these are not the best fit, then your fish dies. Do you want to take that risk? Surely Not.


    After reading all of the information given above, you must have reached a point where you can decide “How to buy your First Fish Tank?” Take your time and plan because it is not easy to replace such a massive system once set up.

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